Today one of Norways many talented film composers on the rise, Roy Westad started out composing for Norways largest event production company back in 2008, almost immediately establishing himself as a full-time composer. He has since written and produced countless scores for Norways biggest broadcasters and production companies. He co-founded the content agency Go Electra in 2011, as a partner and in-house film composer. In 2014, he received Gullruten (Norwegian Emmy) for Best Original Score for the television series “Jakten på Norge”.

In 2015, he teamed up with veteran composer Trond Bjerknes (El Clásico, Max Manus, Hamilton) for the score to the Norwegian survival-horror Villmark 2 (Dark Woods 2).

2016 was an adventurous year, following the first phase of work on the orchestral score for the treasure hunt movie “Benjamin Falck & The Ghost Dagger”.

As a passionate music lover, his work ranges across many film genres. With the story and format always in focus, this enables him to find just the right style, sound and size for the given score.

Roy is known for his easy going, down to earth attitude, and for his lightning fast understanding and ability to adapt to the directors vision.

Roy is always available for a coffee and a chat about your project.

“Roy’s strength as a composer is understanding people and what they want, but not without imprinting his own personal style into the music he makes, giving it a soul. During our working together he showed a great understanding of both the universe of the story and the vision I was trying to achieve while always being in good moods and spirits. It was really awesome working with Roy and I intend to work with him again in the future!” – Izer Aliu, Director

“Roy is tremendously hard working and always to the point.
He is very easy to communicate with and has added great artistic value to all the projects I have had the honor of bringing him along for.” – Hallgrim Haug, CEO at Trollbound Entertainment

“Roy is a hero” – John Einar Hagen, Producer at Nordisk Film

Background photo by Morgan Nicolaysen
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